Thursday, April 21, 2011

Michel Keck Pop Art Dogs

This is one of my favorite projects I have done...5th graders made these Pop Art Michel Keck dogs as part of their "Transformation" curriculum theme. Michel Keck is a fantastic contemporary artist. Here is her website she has a really cool series of dog portrait collages made of brightly colored patterns and product labels.

I printed 8 different types of dogs...and I traced them to create just the outlines of the dog faces with a Sharpie marker. If I get the chance I will post the face templates I made. I photocopied them and then let the students choose whatever kind of dog I liked (I printed a few cats for the non-dog people).

Then we did a pencil transfer of the image onto drawing paper. See the "cool techniques" section on my website for a how to pencil transfer.

Then students got a check list of several things (texture, black and white, shape, line, text, visual culture and a few others) Students then began filling in areas of the dog face with  brightly colored patterns drawn with marker and colored pencil. They had a bunch of product labels to look at for their visual culture part and texture plates for the texture part.

Then we tore or cut out our dog faces, tore lined or graph paper and collaged them on top of a piece of construction paper.

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